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Clara Wozowick- Lifelong Resident of Greenpoint

October 8, 2011

Clara and Elizabeth

Clara, 87 years old; a lifelong resident of Greenpoint; born on Dupont Street, of Polish immigrant parents; lived for 48 years on Newel Street; moved to Florida on August 31, 2011.

 Clara was the last remaining representative of the WWII generation to live in this building. When Clara moved, so many memories left: a part of the heart and the soul of the building.

On the morning of this interview, Clara and her daughter were putting the finishing touches on boxes, readying them for the movers, whose anticipated, any-minute-arrival was coinciding with Hurricane Irene’s anticipated arrival. There were the warnings on the airwaves; Bloomberg whining to those in Red zones: flee to higher ground before it’s too late or stay put.

 What bad timing for moving day. But, the backdrop of nature, in the form of Hurricane Irene, provided perfect irony and symmetry. Clara, who had scarcely stirred from the confines of Greenpoint Streets was now moving out-of-state, while all around her, New Yorkers were hunkering down .

Here is the interview of Clara’s memories of Greenpoint and Newel Street. Recorded on the morning of August 27, 2011.


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