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Dona Cafe- owner:

October 19, 2020

Dona Cafe is on the sleepy corner of Driggs Avenue and Monitor Street. It is opposite McGoldrick Park, diagonally across from P.S. 110 and on the remaining corner, is the ubiquitous corner store, also owner by the Alammos family.

In August, the interior of Greenpoint is sleepy, but in August time stands still, if you refrain from talking you can hear the wind blow through the dry and crackling leaves of  trees readying themselves for Autumn, accompanied by sounds of children running through the sprinklers; their squeals of laughter, tired tears, wafting on the hot, and humid air, and the occasional barking dogs in the dog run of McGoldrick Park. 

Greenpoint is fortunate to have this cafe, for the ready-made view that is provided by the elegant, lady-like , and very elderly Mc Goldrick Park. This corner, somnalent in a timeless kind of way, has craved such a place, where one can sip a glass of wine or beer, eat a plate of Middle Eastern specialties and take respite in the expansive view of trees and open, public space.

McGoldrick Park is a park with a “voice”, due to several factors: scale of size, quality and quantity of trees, and the curving and straight, broad sidewalks, that say, ” Promenade, Promenade, show off your dogs, your children in their sunday best, after attending church at St. Stan’s, come and meet your friends, and watch your children play


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